About the Africa Fairtrade Convention

Fairtrade Africa’s annual Africa Fairtrade Convention brings together African small-scale farmers, workers and other stakeholders from across the continent and beyond to improve the livelihoods of producers in Africa. During the multiday event producers and stakeholders discuss how trade conditions, market access and producer support can be improved; in the meantime strengthening their networks, building relationships and sowing the seeds of new partnerships. We also offer small holder farmers and workers training workshops on different topics. AFC activities include:

  • Producer workshops and trainings ( Small farmer organization, workers and Hired labour)
  • General Assembly – Members meeting.
  • Business networking forums – Traders, producers, experts, private sector institutions and stakeholders present their views on topics such as, African consumer and ethical trends, The global Fairtrade market, etc.
  • Field trip: visits to Fairtrade producer organizations offer first-hand experience on issues facing farmers, providing the right context for forum discussions

Who attends?

The AFC puts small holder farmers and workers at the center of the debate. Other participants from across Africa and beyond include international traders, industry professionals, NGOs and Fairtrade partners. In 2012, 200 participants attended the event: